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We are an accommodation or letting agency and can help you find accommodation owned by a private landlord. Register with us and let us know the type of property you are looking for and how much rent you are willing to pay. You will be asked to give details of your job and income, and may also be asked to provide references from your employer, bank, and present or previous landlord.

We give you all the details about a property that could affect your decision to rent a property.

Fees and charges

As a letting agency, we charge certain fees, for example, a tenancy deposit

Displaying fees, charges, or penalties

We as a Letting agency will display a comprehensive list of everything a tenant could be asked to pay at any time before, during, and after a tenancy.

We would make it clear whether each fee is per tenant or relates to the whole property. All costs must include tax.

Letting agents don’t need to display:

  • → rent payable to a landlord
  • → a tenancy deposit taken as security
  • → any fees, charges, or penalties that the letting agent receives from a landlord under a tenancy on behalf of another person

An agency offers accommodation

If you are offered accommodation by us, you should inspect the property before accepting it and ensure you have full details about:

  • → the terms of the tenancy agreement
  • → the amount of rent you will have to pay, and whether it includes any services, fuel and water charges
  • → how much rent you will have to pay in advance
  • → whether you will have to pay a premium and/or a security deposit and, if so, how much -
  • → whether the property has a mortgage. You can lose your accommodation if the property is repossessed due to the landlord's failure to keep up mortgage payments
  • → the name and address of the landlord
  • → in Scotland, whether the landlord is registered. All private landlords in Scotland should be registered with the local authority.
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