Asp.Net is an open-source.Net framework developed by Microsoft. It is mainly designed to build robust, data-driven websites, real-time applications. It uses languages like C#, VB and tool Visual Studio for programming. The main concepts of include Architecture, server control, validation, applications, MVC, panel control, web form, debugging, error handling, API, Stack, heap, boxing, etc…

ASP.Net is flexible compared to other platforms. As it supports Microsoft the company itself is considered as the most popular in the technology. Its WYSIWYG editor makes the data stable and safe. It can be run in many Operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.. You can build your career as.Net Developer, Ios and Android app development, Robotics, Automation, Cloud computing and much more. Most popular websites like GoDaddy, Dell, StackOverflow and more using ASP.NET MVC.


Into to web technologies


Clint side scripting languages

IIS arc

Server side programming with asp

ASP objects intro

Asp.Net Intro

What is

In page techniques and code behind techniques

Server side controls

Client side controls VS server side controls

Types of server controls – html server controls

Examples on web server controls

ASP.NET page execution Architecture

State management


Session state

Session tracking arch

Application object

Session and app events

Global .ASAX


View state

ADO.Net providers

Into to providers

Data reader

Data set

Data list


Data source controls

Grid view

Details view

List view


intro to linq

linq to object

linq to xmls

linq to sql

Types of caching in

ASP.Net configuration

ASP.Net tracking

Security in

XML web services

Email server

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