AutoCAD 2D & 3D

Autodesk AutoCADĀ® software enables you to create stunning designs and speed documentation work with productivity tools in AutoCADĀ® software. It is most commonly used amongst Architects and 3D Designers in the field of construction of houses, building and skyscrapers.

CAD tools for design and documentation: See how intelligent tools in AutoCADĀ® design and documentation software help speed your work, and how CAD features add precision to your drawings. View designs more clearly with Stunning Visual Experience and document in context with Coordination Model.

Understand the drawing of substation graphic, transference of grid illustration, wiring of diagram schematics and ladder diagrams

AutoCAD Masterclass Course Outline

This course will cover the following content:

Module 1:

1. Introduction to AutoCAD Software

2. Intro to CAD Computer Aided Design or Drafting

3. Computer Aided Manufacturing

4. System of CAD

5. Hardware and Software

6. Understanding the Requirements to use the software

7. Steps for Installation of software

Module 2:

1. Navigate through the software

2. Starting Tips

3. Drawings in the Software

4. Lines

5. Polygons

6. Circle

7. Arc

8. Add-ins

9. Drawing Curves

10. Express Tools

11. Erasing Shapes

12. Using the right colours

Module 3:

1. Drawing Techniques

2. Design Specifications

3. Using Modify

4. Using Annotation

5. Layer Properties

6. Templates

7. Command Prompt Toolbar

8. Understanding the use of Blueprints

9. Creating Views of Objects

10. Saving the Views

11. Deleting Files

Module 4:

1. 2D Drawings

2. 3D Drawings

3. 2D vs. 3D

4. Understanding Physical Components

5. Design and Layout of Object

6. Showing the Creativity

7. Analysis Process

8. Intent of Design

Module 5:

1. Input Devices

2. Output Devices

3. Plotters vs. Printers

4. Various types of Plotters to use

5. Plotter

6. Useful Technical Illustrations Techniques

7. Importance of Documentation

8. Ideas for Creating Documentations

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