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It’s important for every student to know the basic fundamentals of computers. The basic fundamentals include the uses of computers, it’s applications, it’s advantages and disadvantages, how computers work, why we use a computer, how it is built on, how the Operating system works, how input and output works, what you can do using internet etc.

It’s very basic knowledge of computer that is helpful for students later to find out and select the best information technology degree course for the career. The basic fundamentals of computers, internet, programming, web pages help them to test their IT taste or interest in the field. Where they are interested in and what are the available opportunities for career growth and income in the IT field. That’s why before you start taking any offline and online degree course you must know the basics of the computer so that you will be confident about your career and business decisions.

Common Courses

The goal of a basic computer literacy course is to equip students with basic computer skills. Additional advanced courses may be taken to strengthen knowledge in a particular area. The descriptions below highlight the curriculum of some common online basic computer courses.

Introduction to Computers

Students who have very little experience with computers can learn the basics in this class. The goal of this course is to illustrate how important computers are in modern society and their value in solving problems. Fundamental operations and functions of the computer will be covered. Specific topics include the use of software applications, the Internet, basic computer functions and the proper identification of computer hardware components.


Typing is a key component of computing. Many job hunters lack adequate keyboarding skills. This course enables students to learn the basics of touch-typing by using a computer program, such as FasType for Windows. Students who already know touch-typing will use a typing program to improve their speed and accuracy.

Microsoft Word:

The first professional computer application is Microsoft Word that is important to learn. It’s important because it will help you in creating, editing documents, live document sharing, and editing etc. There are various uses of Microsoft Word in our daily life. That’s why almost 90% of businesses, educational institutes, companies, freelancers, writers, teachers, and students use Microsoft word for document writing and editing works, online collaboration, sharing and documents management. So it’s important that you learn this application software so that it will help you in document writing and editing personally and professionally.

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Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel application is another basic computer application that is used to perform mathematical, logical, functional financial and business calculations. Mostly it is used in Windows and macOS but nowadays you can use it in Android and iOS as well. The Importance of Microsoft Excel for Students is that they understand how they can perform daily life calculation. Microsoft Excel help in data analysis and visualization of data. Here you can learn: Uses of Microsoft Excel in daily life

Microsoft Excel Basics – What is Microsoft Excel?

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Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft Powerpoint is another computer application developed by Microsoft Inc that helps to communicate data and information with the audience through slides and presentations. Students, Managers, and Teachers use powerpoint for the presentation that can be in class, meetings, and seminars. Learning Microsoft Powerpoint is the first step that helps students to learn about presentation skills as well as communication skills. Almost all business worldwide use the Microsoft Point for daily official works.

Internet Research and Online Learning & Earning skills:

If someone uses Facebook, WhatsApp and Google then it doesn’t mean that they know about the basics, uses of the Internet. The Internet is more than Google, Facebook, and Whats app. And there are thousands of uses of the Internet in our life. Learning internet means, learning what to search on Google.

How internet works, who is behind it, who controls, how it controlled etc. And how the internet is beneficial for humans. What are its advantages and disadvantages these are the theories that I think people should know to achieve their life and career goals?

In practically, it’s important to learn how to research, how to use net banking, how to pay and buy on eCommerce website to prevent frauds, how to operate various internet applications and how they develop similar applications etc.

The basics of the internet are also helpful to gain knowledge and understanding about social media, the search engine works, eCommerce, email system, hosting and various other kinds of domain-specific knowledge.

Basic Computer Repairing:

Every machine needs upgradation, maintenance, and specific repairing requirement. That’s why it’s important for all kind of people who use a computer, laptop, tablet to learn about the basic repairing and upgradations techniques. Such skills are installation, customizations of software, replacement of ram, hard disk, DVD drive, power supply, and antivirus installation and scanning etc. Learning these skills not only helps in making them confident to use the machine but also save lots of money that they spend on technicians for minor problems. It also helps them to improve their critical thinking skills, fault finding skills and improve scientific thinking patterns.

Online Security and Privacy:

The use of the internet is increasing day by day. The increment is in the use of the internet for social media, eCommerce, online education, digital communication, digital banking, and online business and digital marketing. It’s providing lots of benefits for common people, organizations, government, and businesses. But it’s also helping people to frauds, privacy leakages, data scraping, theft, corruption, humiliation, pornography, and many other things. That’s why it’s important to learn about online security and privacy.

Adobe Photoshop: (Basics)

Learning computers and its applications is a science and what we create, learn and do after learning is an Art. And there is another biggest, widely used, most popular computer application in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is used in graphics and web designing works.

It’s is also the prime tool for photo editing for photographers. It is used widely in digital marketing, branding, film industry and graphics studios etc. Learning Adobe Photoshop in itself is very creative and artistic work. Photoshop skills not only helps you to explore your creativity but also open up the income option for you. Here you can learn my article on this: Powerful ways to earn money with Adobe Photoshop Skills

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