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eb development involves many technologies, thus it’s inherently a constantly changing landscape. Today’s in-demand technology may lose traction in a few years. As such, you shouldn’t depend on a particular technology when you choose to become a web developer. Instead, you should be open to continuous learning. And when it comes to learning, your goals should be specific.

Before we dive into online web development courses, let’s look at different development areas. A web developer can either be a front-end developer or a back-end developer. Someone who is skilled in both areas is considered a Full Stack developer.

What is front-end development?

Front-end technology is generally divided into front-end design and front-end development. Front-end design deals with the visuals, while front-end development deals with the code implementation of the website.

A front-end web developer should master coding language like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and web frameworks like Bootstrap, React, Angular, and more.

What is back-end development?

This aspect of development deals with the design and implementation of the back-end logic of the website, as well as the preservation and reading of data from users and websites.

Many back-end developers know front-end languages such as HTML and CSS but also need to use languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, Python to get the back-end job done.

There are many online courses available for learning web development, some of them are free and some paid. We’ve put together a list of the best sources of web development courses for you to choose from.

HTML and Javascript

– Course starts with beginner level, covers intermediate and goes up to advanced concepts

– Mark Price is a pro when it comes to all things related to full stack web development

– Great student feedback all the way with average ratings around 4.5 out of 5

– Course is updated regularly so you get the latest information out there

– One class that takes care of both front end and back end development

Duration : 2.5 hours Daily

The Web Developer Bootcamp

– Great course to get started with web development without any prior experience.

– Lots of exercises to sharpen programming skills, build innovative and complex applications.

– Detailed guidance is provided to install the necessary software, tools and set up the environment.

– Live code examples, research assignments, and slides make the lessons interactive and fun.

– Get continuous support from the instructor in case of any doubt.

– 3 Lectures + Full lifetime access + 72 Articles + 85 Downloadable Resources

– Available at a nominal price on e-learning platform Udemy.

Duration : 2.5 hours Daily

Programming Languags:


Java is one of the most common languages for the back-end development of modern web apps. With Java and Java- based frameworks, programmers can create scalable web applications for a wide range of users. Java is also used to create native Android apps for smartphones and tablets.


Why is the C language still popular? Due to the size: small, fast and powerful. If you develop software for embedded systems, work with system kernels or just want to squeeze out of the available resources at hand, C is what you need.


If for maximum CPU power performance you need to connect directly to the hardware, the C++ language will help. It is the perfect choice for developing powerful desktop software, games, hardware acceleration feature and applications for PC, consoles and mobile devices that require a large amount of memory to work with.


Going to write an app for iOS? Then you just have to know Objective-C. Despite last year’s hoopla around the new language Apple Swift, Objective-C remains the basic apps language for the Apple ecosystem. With Objective-C and the official development tool Apple’s XCode the development becomes really easy.


C # is the main language for developing on Microsoft platforms and services. Whether designing modern web applications using Azure .NET application for “devices” in Windows or powerful desktop applications for business, C# is the fastest way to use all that Microsoft can offer. In addition, it is one of the main languages of the engine to develop games with Unity.


Every modern website uses JavaScript. It is a key language for creating an interactive site, or to build user interfaces with one of a dozen popular JavaScript frameworks.


Writing a web application for working with data? PHP language, along with databases (e.g. MySQL) is an important tool for building modern web applications. Most of the sites developed in PHP are focused on a large amount of data. It is also a fundamental technology for powerful content management systems like WordPress.


Python can do almost everything of the above. Web applications, user interfaces, data analysis, statistics — whatever tasks you had to solve, in Python it is likely to find a suitable framework. Recently, scientists came to the conclusion that Python is fashionable to use as the primary tool for processing huge volumes of data in virtually every industry.

Visual Basic

The key language for the .NET platform, Visual Basic allows you to create applications to support the business and automate powerful apps of MSOffice.


Although it is not a language itself. .NET is a key Microsoft platform for cloud development and services and applications. It becomes more advanced and valuable with each new release. Thanks to the latest efforts of Microsoft in software development with open source,NET now comes to Google and Apple. As a result, you can use .NET with various programming languages to create multi-platform applications.


Delphi is a complete development environment in Object Pascal and a component library for developing cross-platform native applications with support of cloud services and IoT applications. It provides a powerful VCL components for Windows 10 and provides development in FMX for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Delphi is your choice for corporate-oriented development.


Is it possible to call Perl an esoteric language? Yes. Does it knock off? Yes. Is it a powerful language and a key component in the arsenal of cyber security? Again, yes. Developers use Perl since the very beginning of the Internet, and it is still considered a key tool for any IT-professional.


Transact-SQL is an extended language of SQL, created by Microsoft and Sybase. The main sphere of use of Transact-SQL is MS SQL server.


MATLAB is a language of high level. It is used for complicated calculations and visualization of the results.


ABAP is created by the German SAP company. Currently, ABAP is positioned as the language for making applications for SAP Web Application Server, which is the part of the NetWeaver platform for building business applications.


F# is a multi-paradigm programming language developed in Microsoft Research and intended for execution on the Microsoft platform .NET. It combines the expressiveness of functional languages such as OCaml and Haskell with the features and the object model .NET.


The data is comprehensive and pervasive. SQL gives you the ability to find necessary information fast and in a reliable way. Using SQL you can easily query and retrieve massive amounts of data from large and complex databases.


Want to run the project in record time, or prototype a new idea for a cool web application? Using Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) this is probably pretty fast. Possessing incredible power, the language is easy to learn. Plus tons of popular web apps are written on it around the world.


R moves the big data revolution. In 2015 it was a mandatory language for everyone who needed serious data analysis: from science and business to entertainment and social media.


Pascal is a purely procedural programming language often used for teaching structured programming.

What to use for web development in 2016?

As you can see, the web developer languages list is extremely wide, and we have named only 20 the most popular languages for web development. When you choose a language for website development, you should understand, that each language is used to solve some concrete tasks. For example, F# is usually used for machine learning, and this task cannot be performed by PHP, for example. Also, a few words should be said about Swift – a new programming language for iOS and MacOS programs development. Though this language is new, it shows a great growth during 2015 and becomes more and more popular among the list of web development languages.

So, when asking which programming languages for the web to choose, you should first determine your goals. What do you want to develop? What kind of program or app will it be? Which functions should be performed in the project? Of course, one programmer can’t know all the languages at once. Usually, a skilled professional knows well only 2-3 programming languages on the high level, and 1-2 languages on the junior level. That’s why usually when it comes to the developing a new project, third party consultants are involved, based on what are the objectives of the project and what programming language is needed.

Thus, whenever you need to start a new project, to create a site or an application, you shouldn’t study a new language. It’s much easier and more comfortable to recruit a team of programmers which will use in web development coding languages which are needed for the concrete purpose. We propose you to contact company Letzgro. Our experienced programmers use the most popular programming languages for website development.

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