Primavera P6 18.8

Primavera® is revered as Project Portfolio Management System for the enterprise. It started as a standalone company, Primavera® Systems – back in 1993 and was purchased by Oracle in 2008. This is not a single product but a suite of products that help you manage the project over its entire lifecycle. Conclusively, these products can be used to manage risk versus reward, budget and resourcing among variegated deliverables.

The Primavera® P6 training covers concepts related to Work Breakdown Structure, Budgeting, Relationships, Scheduling and Baseline. Students gain expertise in managing projects through Primavera® software, including tasks like adding activities, assigning resources, and calculating issues and risks.

PMP course

PMP stands for Project Management Professional (PMP). PMP Certification, offered by the Project Management Institute(PMI), is an industry-recognized credential for project managers. PMP certification demonstrates the project manager's experience, knowledge, skills, and competencies required to lead and direct projects.

This Primavera® online training familiarizes participants with various Primavera® capabilities, including:

1. Document Management System

2. Issue Tracking System

3. Project Portfolio Management

4. Resource Management

Course Contents

1. Introduction to Primavera®

2. Creating EPS and OBS

3. Work Breakdown Structure

4. Budgeting

5. Adding Activities

6. Relationship

7. Resource and Roles

8. Assigning Resource and Leveling

9. Baseline

10. Scheduling

11. Thresholds, Issues, Risk

12. Report Setup, Creating Project Website, Export and Import

Target Audience

The ideal audience for this course include Structural and Project Engineers

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