Communication English

This is a challenging communications course that incorporates material from many disciplines.
It will make a substantial difference to your leadership, communication and relationship skills.

The program's central focus is to constantly reinforce your confidence.

We concentrate on what already works for you and enhance those qualities and skills.

We begin by developing your self-awareness, then we explore the dynamics and techniques of effective interpersonal communication.
Finally we focus on how to make the impact you want while building relationships and presenting.

Course Objectives

  • ✔ Developing awareness of how you create an impact
  • ✔ Understanding how communication dynamics work
  • ✔ Knowing what already works for you
  • ✔Developing skills as a leader and presenter
  • ✔ Creating clear, compelling key messages
  • ✔ Challenging what you currently do as a communicator
  • ✔ Developing excellent listening behaviours
  • ✔ Exploring influencing skills
  • ✔ Dealing with difficult messages and handling crises
  • ✔ Gaining practical presenting tools and techniques
  • ✔ Managing nerves
  • ✔ Making an Impact as a presenter
  • ✔ Coaching sessions (one-to-one)
  • ✔ Building confidence and more confidence
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